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Efficient Lighting (LED)

Replacement of conventional lamps with LED

Save money on your electric bill

The use of LED technology to replace older lighting solutions in homes and work areas is becoming an increasingly good investment. The payback period of such an investment is often lower than 12 months. The main factor that determines the attractiveness of an investment in LED is the duration that the lamps operate. Some of the best business cases include:

  1. Hospitals-Hotels
  2. Super Markets-Underground Parking Spaces
  3. Warehouses
  4. Industrial/Craft facilities
  5. Coffee Shops-Restaurants-Music Halls

As an example, we cite the saving and payback period data from an actual study that took place regarding a parking space and led to the replacement of lamps that operate 15 hours per day. As one can see in the graph below, the electricity consumption and expense decreased by 65% and the intervention was paid back within 7 months.

Take advantage of the opportunity with Clarus

Clarus Energy Service Company undertakes an energy efficiency study of your home or work area free of charge and offers a comprehensive image of your potential savings through replacement of your lamps with their LED equivalent:

  • Clarus carries out a lighting efficiency study, during which, after an autopsy of the site, calculates the savings for every zone of the space.
  • The solutions that offer the best payback are recommended
  • The investment is financed via payments that are equivalent to the saving in the electricity bill.

Contact us on 210 7250117 to lean more about the program and the savings you can expect.

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