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Design and installation of photovoltaic systems

The proper design and careful installation are the most important prerequisites of the efficient operation of a photovoltaic system. International experience but also the actual experience of Clarus ESCo, indicate that these factors are even more important than the selection of the equipment itself.

Clarus ESCo offers strong guarantees to its customers for the efficient operation of their photovoltaic system. In order to achieve the proper functioning of the projects it delivers, Clarus applies a set of business practices:

  • Cooperates on a long term basis with vendors with excellent reputation, size and expertise in the Greek but most importantly the German market, by far the largest worldwide.
  • Its construction function comprises of a group of electrical engineering contractors who work jointly, covering all of Greece, under common principles and the best international practices.
  • Certifies through independent appropriately credentialed third party all the installations it delivers according to the European Norm EN 62446:2009

Group of Electrical engineering contractors

Clarus ESCo has created a group of experienced electrical engineering contractors who can cover the full territory of the country. This group designs and constructs installations on behalf of Clarus but also third parties as well.

The group of contractors operates under terms of quality, safety and technical integrity imposed by Clarus. Common utilization by the group of personnel with specific skills, equipment and technical know how is also achieved.

Clarus ESCο contractors have already constructed a large number of photovoltaic systems both on rooftops of all types and ground mounted installations, all of which have been operating smoothly for long periods of time.

The current list of the group of Clarus contractors is:

Goulionis Pantelis amd Ballas Lambros, Trikala Electrical Engineers TE, Independent contractors, energy auditors.
Stratis Bros, Korinthos Electrical Fitters & Electricians, independent contractors.
Thanasis Liapis, Iasmos Electrical Fitter & Electrician, specialised in photovoltaic system installations.
Pantelis Mavropoulos, Alexandroupoli Electrician, specialised in photovoltaic system installations.
Zarvalias Dimitris, Kanali Prevezas Electrical Fitter & Electrician, specialised in photovoltaic system installations.

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