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Roof insulation involves all the works to be done on the roof, both to protect the building from external influences (wind, rain, snow, solar radiation) and also to ensure comfort and hygiene conditions for its residents.

The insulation of a building is the most important element in its construction, after its static capacity. Read more.


  • Reducing energy costs in heating, cooling and air conditioning,
  • Protection of the components of the building from moisture,
  • Protection of residents and assets,
  • Pleasant and healthy stay of residents,
  • Energy upgrading of the building under the new energy efficiency law (KENAK).


The cost of the complete insulation of a roof is about 32 -45 € / m2 depending on the combination of the materials, the surface of the roof and the type of insulation (the conventional or inverted).

Paying-off the cost is estimated at 3-6 years depending on the thickness of the insulating layer, local conditions etc.


Our Company undertakes the construction of insulation on roofs from A to Z and supports you in the funding process. With every roof insulation that we deliver, we provide for free an energy certificate for the building.

Call us now at 210-6043237 (Mr Kostas Koltsakis), e-mail: for an offer regarding the insulation of your roof.

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