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Exterior facade is to build a layer - shell - at the exterior of a building, which ensures its thermal insulation. The construction of the external facade is made by placing polystyrene in the exterior walls and a final coating of plaster. Read more.


  1. Saving energy. Less heating oil in the winter, less electricity for air conditioning in the summer.
  2. Protecting the environment as less energy reduces greenhouse gases released to the environment.
  3. Energy upgrading of the building in accordance with EU Directive2002/91/EC and KENAK (the new energy law for buildings).
  4. Maximizing the thermal capacity of the internal wall so as to maintain the desired temperature for a longer period after stopping heating or air conditioning.
  5. Avoiding “thermal bridges” which are responsible for the problems of water vapor condensates.
  6. Installation in existing buildings without disturbance of occupants and neighbours. The work is done outside the building while packaging the finished plaster debris, etc. does not create waste.


The cost of constructing the external facade is in the order of 35-55 € /m2 depending on the company and the system chosen, the type of polystyrene and the quality of the finishing plaster. The investment is paid back in about 4-6 years.


Our company undertakes the installation of the external facade from A to Z and supports you in the funding process. In fact, your investment is repaid by the energy saved. In each study for an exterior facade that we deliver, we provide you for free an energy certificate for the building.

Call us now at 210-6043237 (Mr Kostas Koltsakis), e-mail: for your implementation study.

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